Pattonville High School is a proud institution, rich in traditions, academics and athletics.  We hope that you choose to become involved in Pattonville High School activities.  There are a wide variety of athletic and activity programs available to our students.  We feel that the values of participation help the student in their primary objective, which is to obtain a quality education.     
More detailed information about grades, forms, and packets can be found here: 2015-16 Sports Information.pdf
Interscholastic Activities and Athletics
Interscholastic activities and athletics are those provided by the Board of Education for secondary school students that are sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), a state association with nearly 800 high school members throughout Missouri. (Reference: Policy IGDA and Policy IGDJ)
Admission fees
Pattonville High School welcomes fans, families and friends in our schools and communities to enjoy our Pirate events. Fees for the various events are as follows:
$4 for Adults
$2 to Pattonville students with ID
Children 7 and under are free
55+ club is free to home contests; excluding tournaments, playoffs, and fundraising events
Members of Pattonville's 55+ Club (for Pattonville residents aged 55 and older) can attend events for free with their membership cards. Free admission applies to events not considered a fund-raiser or events that are not playoff-related. To become a member of the 55+ Club, call the community relations office at (314) 213-8025.

Free Online Courses

FREE online courses compliments of the National Federation of High Schools. Visit http://nfhslearn.com/courses to register online to receive FREE courses on the following topics:
NCAA Eligibility
Heat Illness Prevention
Concussion in Sports
Positive Sport Parenting
Sports Nutrition

Free Online College Academic Eligibility Tool
Any student who wishes to compete athletically as a freshman at an NCAA Division I or Division II school must meet NCAA Initial-Eligibility minimum standards, including minimum core course GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirements. CoreCourseGPA is an innovative tool that allows students to easily track progress towards meeting these requirements, beginning as soon as the first semester of the freshman year.
Parents, to activate a membership:
  • Go to CoreCourseGPA
  • Click on "FREE New Member Account", in the upper left corner
  • Enter our school ID (262575) and school code (754010209) and click "Continue"
  • Fill in the appropriate fields to create the account.
  • Remember to write down your member name & password!  
Once your account has been created, login as a member by clicking on  "Member Login" in the upper right corner.  Use your newly created login credentials.

CoreCourseGPA incorporates the NCAA recognized core courses for PHS into the online course entry forms, calculates BOTH Division I and Division II core course GPA, automatically factors weighted grades into calculations, and tracks course requirements.  A student's course information is saved for the duration of high school.

Below is an NCAA Clearinghouse presentation for student atheletes and parents of athletes.

For more information, please visit:
NCAA Website
NCAA Clearinghouse Website